Board reprimands psychiatrist Latif Ziyar for negligence resulting in patient’s death

September 23, 2009

The Medical Board of California revoked the license of psychiatrist LATIF ZIYAR for negligence and dishonesty/corruption. Revocation however was stayed and Ziyar was placed on probation for three years with terms and conditions. The Board’s document state that in January 2005, Ziyar treated a 35-year-old male with a history of mental disorder who had quit taking the antipsychotic drug Clozaril, which he had been on for some time. Clozaril carries strict warnings regarding restarting of the drug once a patient has missed even as little as one day’s dosage. If restarted, the recommended dosage is a mere 12.5 mg. This patient had been off the drug for one month, according to reports referenced in the Board’s document. At the time the patient came under Ziyar’s care, Ziyar was informed that the patient had been off the drug and several documents were in the patient’s chart, available to Ziyar, containing data about the patient’s discontinuation of the drug. Further, Ziyar was informed via data gathered by his nurse from the patient’s board and care facility that he was not to be put back on the drug due to the time elapsed since he quit taking it.  Regardless of all this information, Ziyar ordered 300 mgs of Clozaril nightly for the patient. The morning following the first of these doses, the patient was found to be not breathing and was shortly thereafter pronounced dead.

(Stipulated Settlement and Disciplinary Order, In the Matter of the Accusation Against Latif Ziyar, M.D., Case No. 08-2005-168536, Medical Board of California Department of Consumer Affairs, September 10, 2009.)

2012-02-18 13:15:13
Dr. Latif Ziyar over-dosed me, too. He laughed at me when I told him I was suffering with chest pains and heartburn. He just gave me In 2008 I was skateboarding on a half-pipe when I clutched my chest and could hardly breathe. A month later in 2008, I went in for testing at the Fresno Community Regional Center specialized echo-cardiogram department for about an hour-long test. I learned that I had a mitral heart valve prolapse/regurgitation/backflow and also a tricuspid heart valve prolapse/regurgitation/backflow. Later, in 2011, 3 years later, to check up on these conditions, I still had the tricuspid and mitral heart valve problems and also learned that I had a heart murmur. The drug information print-outs on the 3-drug cocktail he was giving me, told me that two of the three drugs, Lexapro, Seroquel, and Lithobid, should not be combined with each other, and that the warned-against combination could turn out to be deadly. Now, I have some heart problems that I have to watch for the rest of my life, and I am only 26-years-old.

Latif Ziyar, MD
2012-11-14 08:29:37
The report by Nathaniel is totally wrong and a fabricated story.
There is no literature indicating that these medication can not be given together or causing regurgitation or prolapse in heart valves.
Lithium may cause valvular disease in fetus expose in utero in the 1st trimester of pregnancy.
People like these are trying to damage my reputation.
If this claim was true then why he did not sue me at the time.
I am requesting the data bank to delete this baseless report.
I am proud of my achievements, I am a caring,competent Physician who helps the community through my profession and am going to carry on normal life.
My reputation can not be damage by people like "Nathaniel".

Latif Ziyar, M.D.
2019-09-29 09:56:52
The medical Board of California revoke and stated active to practice, the term of condition was probation, started 2009 and finish 2012.
All these information you have is old nonsense, please remove them.
My record with the medical board is clean and there is no pending issue.
please go to medical board site and check for yourself.

Latif Ziyar, M.D.
2019-09-29 10:00:28
All those information you have is old, please delete them.
I have no issue with the medical board of california.
I have not committed any crime, people who commit crimes they are in prison.
these are nonsense.
I am proud to be the top psychiatrist in Fresno.

Tina Marciochi
2020-01-11 10:55:04
Yay Nathaniel! Firstly, doc Ziyar is struggling with not only English but how to express himself other than with defensive language and posturing. Oh, no one%u2019s gonna ruin his reputation? No cause he%u2019ll do it yourself. He is a complete thief. Bilking insurance companies exorbitantly. For me, he charged $165 for 10-15 minute psych session, $65 for nonexistent therapy and a $30 copay from me. Math and Medicare%u2019s payout equals $164.47 for 15 minutes, at the most mind you. So he%u2019s pulling in $11 per minute or $660 an hour! Also, he cares nothing about patients. Two, count them 2 patients committed suicide under his so called care. He hired a lawyer and basically pleaded no contest. Didn%u2019t admit to wrongdoing but accepted his probation. He fired me as a patient once he saw my yelp review. What he must not understand is that you cannot fire a patient that is still technically in treatment, especially crisis management. That%u2019s probably how and why his other patients killed themselves. His blatant disregard of humanity and morality. I can%u2019t wait to see his practice, I use that word loosely, shut down.

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