Hyderabad Psychologist B.P. Nagesh Jailed for Harassing Girls; Initiated Sex Chats

September 5, 2022

On September 3, 2022, Dr. B. P. Nagesh, a well-known Hyderabad psychologist was jailed for 16 days and fined, having been found guilty of harassing girls.

Nagesh was initially arrested in March 2022 for sex chatting (sexting) with girls.

According to Hyderabad City Police, Nagesh, in his capacity as a psychologist, visited schools and colleges as guest faculty. During his presentations, he would share his mobile number and asked students to keep in touch to receive motivational messages from him.

When young girls contacted him, he would indulge in sexting and harass them. Police noted approximately 100 such incidents.

The issue came to the notice of police after one of the aggrieved girls, who had earlier attended the SHE Team (a specialized program of the Hyderabad City Police which works to curb and prevent harassment of women) workshops at her school, contacted them for assistance.

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