Maryland Psychiatrist Parviz Sahandy Surrenders License; Committed Sexual Improprieties with Female Patients

June 14, 2019

On July 4, 2019, Annapolis psychiatrist Parviz Sahandy surrendered his Maryland medical license. According to the Maryland State Board of Physicians’ document, Sahandy’s surrender was in lieu of prosecution for failure to complete a boundaries course, as required by an order which the Board issued against him on January 12, 2018.

The Board’s January 2018 Consent Order states that on or about August 15, 2016, the Board received a complaint from a former patient of Sahandy’s who express concern about his conduct during an office visit. The patient complained that he kissed her on the cheek while hugging her and had massaged her back while she was crying, which he’d never done before. She further complained that he made inappropriate comments about offering to “find her a boyfriend” and stating that he was available for that purpose. Lastly, the former patient reported that after her final office visit, Sahandy contacted her by phone and informed her that he was attracted to her and was available.

The Board opened an investigation during which they reviewed a previous complaint against Sahandy which alleged similar conduct.

In this instance, the earlier patient had been in treatment with another physician with whom Sahandy was professionally affiliated. In 2011, when the patient was unable to obtain an appointment with the physician, she saw Sahandy instead for two visits, primarily for medication refills. She reported that during the first visit, Sahandy mad inappropriate personal remarks to the her and during the second visit, made sexually oriented remarks to the patient, touched her on the shoulders in a non-clinical manner, requested to meet her outside of the office for a social purpose, and hugged and kissed her, which made her feel very uncomfortable. 

The Board reinterviewed the earlier patient and she reaffirmed the statements she had made when she originally filed her complaint with the Board.  

The Board determined that Sahandy engaged in inappropriate boundary violations with female patients and committed sexual misconduct.  

The Board’s January 2018 Order contained a reprimand and also placed Sahandy’s license on probation with terms and conditions for at least one year.

The conditions included successful completion of a Board disciplinary panel-approved course in maintaining appropriate psychiatrist-patient boundaries, within six months of the issuance of the Board’s order.

Failure to comply with the probation terms could have resulted in a further hearing and disciplinary action. Sahandy opted to surrendered his license instead.

Source: Re: Surrender of License to Practice Medinice, Parviz Sahandy, M.D., License Number D15915, Case Number 7718-0079, Maryland State Board of Physicians, April 4, 2019.


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