Psychiatrist Keith Ablow Accused of Sexual Contact and Boundary Violations with Patient

July 15, 2018

Salem, Mass. — A Salem woman is alleging in a lawsuit that psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow engaged in sexual contact and other boundary violations while treating her in 2015 and 2016. 
The suit alleges that Ablow emailed and texted the woman "during all hours of the day and night," made comments about her appearance, encouraged sexual conversations during treatment sessions and "rewarded" her with free sessions, and engaged in "physical sexual contact" with the woman. 
The suit also alleges that Ablow made numerous personal disclosures to the patient about his wife and secretary, talked about his other patients, and discussed his own medical treatment. He also allegedly offered help with her career. 
"The defendant's conduct, as described above, amounted to grossly negligent treatment and significant boundary violations," the woman's attorney, Clyde Bergstresser, said in the complaint. Bergstresser is also representing a second woman in a 2016 malpractice complaint against Ablow that is pending in Salem Superior Court. 
Julie Manganis, "Suit accuses TV psychiatrist of inappropriate actions with patient," The Eagle-Tribune, 15 July 2018,


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