Indiana Psychologist License Revoked For Falsifying Mental Evaluations

May 15, 2018

Psychologist Dr. Albert Fink, was hired by the courts in Indiana, over the last ten years to perform competency evaluations. Fink confessed to falsifying mental evaluations. Every trial Fink worked on had been called into question.

An Indiana prosecutor, Nick Hermann, led an investigation into nearly 70 cases for which Fink performed exams or testing, determined to discover the extent of the damage he had done.“I feel like if you come into court and you lie, you have to plead to a felony, which he did...” Hermann said.

Dr. Albert Fink’s license was officially revoked Friday morning.

Samantha Horton, "Psychologist’s License Revoked After Pleading Guilty To Falsifying Mental Evaluations,", 11 May 2018,;


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