Psychologist convicted of fraud blames wife's 'insatiable demands'

December 12, 2017

Michigan psychologist George Compton, who was sentenced in November to 28 months in prison for health care fraud, left a voicemail for a former patient blaming the fraud in part on his wife's "insatiable demands."

According to a written statement released by the justice department, Compton would “repeatedly bill numerous health care insurance companies for psychological counseling sessions that he never provided."  He charged more than $800,000 worth of false billings to insurance companies.

In a voicemail Compton left for a former patient, he was heard trying to explain why he overcharged insurers.  Although he seemed to take some responsibility for it, he placed some of the blame on his wife, saying “…she had insatiable demands. In order to keep peace or whatever you want to call it, I betrayed my own judgment.”

Compton recently closed his practice and is expected to surrender to authorities after Jan. 1.

SOURCE: Cody Combs, "Convicted psychologist tries to calm patients seeking answers," WWMT, 11 Dec 2017,


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