Medical board suspends license of California psychiatrist convicted of assault

October 9, 2017

An administrative law judge suspended the license of California psychiatrist Dirk de Brito who was previously convicted of assault and making criminal threats against his children’s nanny and a former employee.  

When Judge Julie Cabos-Owen granted the Medical Board of California's petition for an interim license suspension, De Brito was ordered not to practice "any aspect of medicine" until a final decision of the board. 

In May, the psychiatrist pleaded “no contest” to two misdemeanor charges related to accusations he attacked his children’s nanny at his home in October 2015 and a former employee outside his medical office in January 2016. He was sentenced to three years’ summary probation as a result of the conviction.

SOURCE: Stephanie K. Baer, "Medical board suspends license of Pasadena psychiatrist convicted of assault, making criminal threats," San Gabriel Valley Tribune, 5 Oct 2017,


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