Another patient accuses California psychiatrist of sexual misconduct

September 4, 2017

In July, the medical board suspended California psychiatrist Dr. Leon Fajerman's medical license after accusations of improper sexual contact with a female patient.  Another former patient has now come forward claiming that Fajerman, age 74, forcibly kissed, groped and assaulted her in his office.

The patient, Linda Sanchez, alleged that Fajerman pulled her onto a couch, where he “...kissed me on the mouth, groped at my breasts, and tried to feel me up.” Sanchez also claimed Fajerman “tried to pull my pants down."

Fajerman's attorney said the doctor confirmed Sanchez was a patient of his, but insisted there was “nothing inappropriate that happened” during any office visit.  The psychiatrist also denied the first patient's accusation was true and challenged the resulting suspension of his license, but an administrative law judge ruled the victim's testimony was credible and refused to reinstate the doctor's license.

SOURCE: Paul Krueger, "Second Female Patient Alleges Sexual Misconduct by South Bay Psychiatrist," NBC 7 Investigates, 1 Sep 2017,


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