Wyoming psychiatrist in jail again

July 20, 2017

Matthew Hopkins, a psychiatrist in Wyoming, is back in jail after allegedly getting drunk and crashing his bicycle, two days after being put on probation and promising a judge not to consume any alcohol.

In March, Hopkins was in a head on crash which prosecuters say he caused by getting high off of compressed air.  He faces a felony count of aggravated assault in that case as well as a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence of a controlled substance.

In June, he was placed on unsupervised probation for backing in to a parked car and then leaving the scene.  He was originally charged with driving under the influence but because a blood sample was never obtained, there was not enough evidence and the charge was dropped. At a June 28 sentencing hearing regarding this incident, Hopkins' attorney asked the judge to put Hopkins on probation rather than putting him in jail for 20 days.  

Hopkins gave his word in court that he would adhere to the terms and conditions the judge imposed, which included a requirement not to drink alcochol.  

Two days later, police officers found an intoxicated Hopkins after it was reported that a man on a bike had fallen and was having a hard time getting up.  A breath test found that his blood alcohol content was 0.215%, more than 2 1/2 times the legal limit for driving.  

SOURCE: CJ Baker, "Cody psychiatrist re-arrested after alleged drunk biking," Powell Tribune, 18 Jul 2017, http://www.powelltribune.com/news/item/16190-cody-psychiatrist-re-arrested-after-alleged-drunk-biking.


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