State revokes psychologist Cynthia Ann Spanier's license

October 28, 2013

On August 7, 2013, the Pennsylvania Department of State revoked the license of Cynthia Ann Spanier for at least five years and  ordered her to pay a civil penalty of $2,500 and investigative costs of $595.05.

Spanier violated a lawful previously entered order of the Board of Psychology by engaging in the practice of psychology, offering to perform psychological services, and holding herself out to the public as being able to practice psychology while her license was suspended and without holding an active, current license issued by the board.

Lindsay Hill Baldwin
2015-12-09 18:22:43
Interesting information. In 2005, I FOOLISHLY got involved with an organization called ""Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance." Mt. Derrick Robinson referred Cynthia Spanier to me as a therapist. I was so desperate and being so severely harassed and exploited that I felt useless and so depressed and sick. I called her, and she became my confident and I trusted her. Told her all about my life and issues, and most of the time was in tears on the phone with her, due to the stress, anxiety, and severe trauma I was enduring.

I was doing an internet search in hopes to find her contact information, and fell upon this. This woman was my phone psychologist for more than two years, and I spent many many thousands of dollars for her assistance. She actually gave me a diagnosis of "PTSD" and suggested that I take the drug adavan. I thought I could trust her and poured out my true feelings and awful life story. Hmm....I wonder? What did she do with all that information I gave her? Was I exploited again? I have been abused and victimized by the psychiatric system my entire life, and it is a nightmare. I have been forced to take every psychiatric drug known to man, and have suffered the consequences both emotionally and physically. I try to avoid these people, as they seem to ultimately cause more harm than good. I am also very interested in the the CCHR and helping other victims of the abusive psychiatric system, which is always used as s tool to politically control, manipulate, and label people who do not deserve such punishment. I know...I speak from plenty of real life experience.

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