State charges counselor Taylor Danard with dishonesty; used “Ph.D” title despite having no degree

May 26, 2009

The Washington Department of Health (DOH) charged registered counselor Taylor Danard with unprofessional conduct for the “commission of any act involving moral turpitude, dishonesty, or corruption relating to the practice of one’s profession.”  The DOH’s Statement of Charges states that in 2003 Danard purchased a Ph.D. from an online “diploma mill,” which indicated that she had earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree in June 2002.  Danard did not complete an academic program or course work to earn any such Ph.D.  Between at least August 2003 and July 2008, Danard misrepresented her education and training on the disclosure information she provided her clients, identifying herself as a Ph.D. and using the Ph.D. title after her name.  Additionally, she advertised herself as Ph.D. on her business cards, the door of her office, on her letterhead and envelopes; on profiles she placed on several psychologist-related websites and in the Yellow Pages.  Further, during the course of the DOH’s investigation, Danard provided false or misleading information to the DOH investigator, including a written statement denying that she purchased her Ph.D. and asserting that the curriculum to earn it was exhaustive, requiring an evaluation, final thesis and Committee Action; Danard stated she’d studied for almost 19 months to comply with requirements.  During a later interview and written statement, she admitted that she had lied.

(Statement of Charges, in the Matter of Taylor Danard, Credential No. RC00013399, No. M2009-86, State of Washington Department of Health, May 26, 2009.)


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