State denies license to Donald D. Flemmer; misrepresented credentials to out-of-state employer

August 7, 2013

On August 17, 2012, the Maryland State Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists denied Donald Duane Flemmer’s (a.k.a. David Flemmer) application for licensure to practice as a licensed clinical professional counselor.

Flemmer, who was previously licensed in the state as clinical professional counselor, allowed his license to lapse on December 31, 2008 and failed to renew it.

The Board’s document states, among other things, that the Board received a complaint on December 2010 from the Maryland State Board of Examiners of Psychologists, alleging that Flemmer had submitted forged documents to the a prospective employer in which he misrepresented himself as a psychologist. The Board of Psychology also received a complaint from the prospective employer which alleged that Flemmer “fraudulently misrepresented himself as a licensed psychologist in the State of Maryland.”

In October 2010, Flemmer submitted an application for renewal of his clinical counseling license. The Counseling Board began a review of his application and, in doing so, received information from the Psychology Board about his alleged misrepresentation of his qualifications as a psychologist.

Under investigation by both the Counseling and Psychology Boards, Flemmer, among other things, denied applying for a position as a psychologist, “feigning confusion and surprise at such an assertion,” according to the Board’s document.

Flemmer had no explanation as to how the prospective employer had obtained forged psychology licensing documents with his name or why the prospective employer claimed that Flemmer had been hired as Director of Behavioral Health in its North Dakota facility.

The employer verified that Flemmer had been hired and had posed as a licensed psychologist for two weeks prior to the discovery of his forged credentials.


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