Washington counselor Tony Ogemahgeshig charged by state with sexual misconduct

April 17, 2009

The Washington state Department of Health issued charges against counselor Tony G. Ogemahgeshig, alleging unprofessional conduct and sexual misconduct.  Mr. Ogemahgeshig was employed as a case manager at Behavioral Health Resources in Olympia, Washington.  The state’s documents state that Ogemahgeshig gave a female client a necklace during one of their case management sessions and that he accepted a gift from her at the following session; socialized with the client (providing transportation, taking her to lunch) and hugged and kissed the client.  In one instance described in the document, Ogemahgeshig took the client to his home, so that he could shower before taking her to lunch.  While showering, he left the bathroom door open.  He called to the client to bring him soap.  He emerged from the shower in bikini briefs and asked the client to get in bed with him.  She reluctantly agreed to lie down on the bed.  Ogemahgeshig got her under the covers and proceeded to rub her body through her clothes and under her shirt, kissed and hugged her and told her he was sexually attracted to her.  She persuaded him to stop and they proceeded to lunch, where Ogemahgeshig disclosed person information about himself, his romantic history and his hope that the client could help him stay sober.  His actions constitute numerous violations of state code governing the conduct of health care professionals.  (Statement of Charges, In the Matter of Tony G. Ogemahgeshig, Credential No. RC 00040089, No. M2008-117818, State of Washington Department of Health Secretary of Health, filed 17 April 2009.)


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