Ohio psychiatrist Nicholas Atanasoff suspended 90 days

April 10, 2013

On January 9, 2013, the Ohio Medical Board reprimanded psychiatrist Nicholas Atanasoff and suspended his license for no fewer than 90 days. According to the Board’s document, Atanasoff “is treated with prescription medication, including narcotic medication for health conditions including sleep apnea, migraine headaches and fatigue….  Atanasoff admits that among the drugs prescribed to him…(is) Adderall…. Dr. Atanasoff admits…that he treated a family member with Adderall and that on a few occasions, he took Adderall for self-use from this family member…with permission from such family member.” The document further states that Atanasoff admitted that on two occasions in 2012, he took more medication than recommended and was found unresponsive by his office staff, requiring emergency treatment. In one instance, he was treated in intensive care for aspiration and was later admitted for psychiatric observation.


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