Board: Washington counselor Sydney Gienty recommended psych-sex-drug evaluation for former patient--based on no first-hand knowledge

December 18, 2012

On May 4, 2012, the Washington State Department of Health issued a Statement of Charges on licensed mental health counselor Sydney J. Gienty, alleging that, between September 2007 and June 2010, Gienty practiced below the standard of care when he provided therapy services to a husband and wife.

Gienty held five couple therapy sessions, five individual sessions with the husband and 16 individual sessions with the wife.

In October 2008, the wife filed for dissolution of marriage. The husband then terminated therapy with Gienty.

In December 2009, Gienty filed a declaration with the court in the dissolution case in which she stated that the husband was abusive to the wife and their minor children. She further stated she was “very concerned” about the husband’s mental condition and stated that he should be required to undergo a complete psychological evaluation, a psychosexual evaluation and a drug and alcohol evaluation. Gienty’s knowledge of the statements in her declaration was not obtained from first-hand knowledge or observation of the husband. 


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