State places psychologist Scott Ispirescu on probation; dated patient instead of treating her

December 5, 2012

On August 17, 2012, the Medical Board of California placed psychologist Scott Ispirescu's license on probation for three years with terms and conditions.

The Board’s document states that Ispirescu treated a female patient on two occasions in late August 2010.

Following the second appointment, Ispirescu called the patient and told her he felt they had “chemistry,” suggested she get another psychiatrist and asked her out on a date.

On their second date, Ispirescu discussed religion, which made the former patient uncomfortable.

There was a third date as well. In a two-day period, Ispirescu sent the former patient 26 text messages in which he admitted he overstepped boundaries when discussing religion and told her he wanted to keep the relationship going. She did not.

He showed up unannounced at her house twice in early September 2010.

Ispirescu’s chart on the patient did not contain any note about referring her to another psychiatrist or that he had terminated her treatment.


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