Psychologist John F. Eibl surrenders license to state on charges of sex with former patient

May 8, 2012

On May 8, 2012, John F. Eibl, Ed.D., surrendered his license to the California Board of Psychology on charges of sex with a former patient and gross negligence, among other things.

The Board’s document states that Eibl provided therapy to a 54-year-old woman with a history of suicidality and sexual abuse, beginning in 2003.

During the course of therapy, Eibl did not dissuade the patient from contacting him socially. The possibility of a relationship between Eibl and the patient arose during therapy. Though he advised her they would have to wait two years before commencing such a relationship, in August 2004 he agreed to terminate her therapy and find her a new therapist on the basis of “confidentiality.”

When Eibl moved to a different town in August 2005, the patient came to his home to say goodbye and the two became physically and sexually intimate and affirmed their plans to enter a sexual relationship after two years.

The two remained in regular phone contact after the move. In mid-August 2006, the two began to see one another on a regular basis and engage in sex.

They were wed in April 2007 and the patient moved into Eibl’s home that summer. Six months later, they divorced.

Source: Decision and Order in the Matter of the Accusation Against John F. Eibl, Ed.D., license no. PSY 15585, case no. 1F-2010-204693.


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