Arizona social workers disciplined

April 11, 2012

On April 2, 2012, the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners (Board) denied the following applications based on unprofessional conduct:

Licensed master social worker applicant Erin P. McNeilly began counseling a 17-year-old male in November 2010. Some text messages between McNeilly and the client were sexual in nature. During an intervention with the client, McNeilly and the client stepped outside the client’s home. About 40 minutes later, the client’s father interrupted what he thought appeared to be McNeilly performing oral sex on the boy. Though she denied it, the client told police she’d performed oral sex on him on four occasions.

Licensed master social worker applicant Sophia Rodriguez failed to disclosed a long history of disciplinary actions on her application, as required. Rodriguez has employment performance issues at three behavioral health agencies including tardiness; poor attendance at staff meetings; needed improvement on written communication; administering medication errors; documentation problems; scheduling problems; inadequate communication skills and changing the rating of an employee evaluation. Additionally, Rodriguez misrepresented to three employers that she’d resigned from previous positions when she was in fact terminated from them.

Licensed master social worker applicant Maurice D. Stephens failed to disclose that he was involuntarily terminated by an employer due to improper restraint of a youth; was involuntarily terminated by another employer for failure to disclose a pending assault charge. Although Stephens disclosed a 2004 DUI on his LMSW application, he failed to disclose a 1992 arrest for disorderly conduct, a 1996 arrest for disorderly conduct, a 1997 arrest for shoplifting, and a 2004 assault charge.

Licensed associate marriage & family therapist applicant Josephine Camacho Garcia was arrested in July 2009 and charged with DUI. Her blood-alcohol concentration was .173. Her written representation to the Board regarding this matter was inconsistent with the police report. In July 2010, police responded to a disorderly conduct call regarding an argument between Garcia and the wife of a man with whom she was involved. In December 2010, Garcia submitted her LAMFT application. While the application was pending, Garcia was arrested and charged with domestic violence related to disorderly conduct. Garcia failed to notify the Board of this arrest, as required.

Source: Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners Disciplinary Action Report, updated June 7, 2012.


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