State restricts psychiatrist Roger A. Johnson from prescribing psychiatric drugs

April 12, 2012

On January 21, 2011, the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice issued a Stipulation and Order restricting psychiatrist Roger A. Johnson from prescribing neuropsychiatric medications for a sis-month period. According to the Board’s document, the Board received a complaint in 2008 alleging that Johnson prescribed excessive dosages of multiple drugs to a patient and failed to consider potential side effects or recognize possible adverse interactions of the drugs. A review of his practice revealed that on multiple occasions, Johnson prescribed excessive quantities of psychiatric drugs to patients but failed to document an objective clinical basis for the initiation, for ongoing prescriptions, the need for multiple duplicative drugs or the large quantity of drugs authorized at the same time. He also failed to order routine blood level testing or to adequately document patients’ symptoms and complaints and vital signs, among other things.

Source: Stipulation and Order in the Matter of the Medical License of Roger A. Johnson, M.D., License No. 17731, Before the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice.



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