Connecticut psychiatrist Gerson Sternstein loses license over prescribing practices

November 10, 2011

On September 20, 2011, the Connecticut Medical Examining Board revoked the license of psychiatrist Gerson Sternstein due to “a clear pattern of substandard medical care…that is grossly below” the standard of care.

According to the Board’s allegations, Sternstein’s prescribing of controlled substances to 10 patients deviated from the standard of care one or more of the following ways: he failed to conduct adequate examinations; he failed to inform the patients of the risks inherent in the prescribed controlled substances; he initiated or continued prescriptions of controlled substances in spite of contraindicating lab studies; he prescribed excessive doses of opioids and he prescribed dangerous and/or inappropriate combinations of drugs, among other things.

The document states that two of the ten patients died while under his treatment--one due to opiate toxicity. The document also states that Sternstein’s “testimony [during the Board’s hearing] was not reliable or credible…specifically…regarding…his treatment and prescribing of controlled substances….”

Source: Memorandum of Decision, Gerson Sternstein, M.D., License No. 022391, Petition No. 2009-200921, State of Connecticut Medical Examining Board.


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