New York psychiatrist surrenders license to state following 46 misconduct charges

May 30, 2008

On May 30, 2008 the New York State Department of Health State Board of Professional Medical Conduct issued a Surrender Order in the case of psychiatrist Anthony Nappi. This order comes in response to Dr. Nappi’s application to surrender his license to practice medicine, following the institution of disciplinary actions against him earlier this year. Dr. Nappi applied to surrender his license with the understanding that the Board had charged him with 46 specifications of professional misconduct; that he surrendered his license on the grounds that he admitted committing two of the violations he was charged with (breach of patient confidentiality and failure to maintain accurate records); that he did not contest seven of the charges (six counts of fraud in the practice of medicine and one count of negligence on more than one occasion). The Board initially suspended his license on May 9, 2008, following the 46 charges against him, involving 11 different patients for whom he failed to medically assess; document a treatment plan; perform physical exams or order laboratory tests. Additionally, there were numerous instances of moral unfitness, which includes the use of racial slurs, profanity and verbal abuse; inappropriate touching and sexually suggestive language/behavior, in addition to the charges he admitted in his subsequent surrender of license.1

1 “In the matter of Anthony Nappi, M.D.,” BPMC file #08-83, New York State Department of Health Board for Professional Medical Conduct, 30 May 2008.


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