Kansas clinical social worker Rachelle Santiago charged with stalking, sexually assaulting soldier patient

February 13, 2011

On or about January 31, 2011, Kansas clinical social worker Rachelle Santiago was accused with stalking and sexually assaulting a male soldier who she was counseling for stress and marital issues at Fort Riley.  She was charged in a federal criminal complaint with entering Fort Riley to stalk the soldier and also with fleeing from police. 

The soldier is reported as having been in therapy with Santiago since earlier December 2010, had four sessions with her. 

Trouble began when Santiago allegedly suggested he might solve his marriage problems by having sex outside his marriage.  She later allegedly groped him and told him she wanted to have sex with him.  He did not reciprocate. 

Santiago then allegedly engaged in a stalking campaign consisting of numerous text messages and calls and appearance by Santiago outside his home. 

Her alleged conduct escalated until she was barred from entering Fort Riley.  However, she crashed the gates and led police on a high-speed chase for an hour before she was caught and arrested.

The Kansas Board of Behavioral Science Examiners suspended Santiago's license on an emergency basis.

Source: Joe Gould, "Riley therapist charged with stalking patient," Army Times, February 13, 2011.


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