Michigan social worker Carrie Alice Denbow suspended for sex with minor client

December 22, 2010

On August 21, 2010, the Michigan Department of Community Health Bureau of Health Professions (MDCH) placed the license of master social worker Carrie Alice Denbow on summary suspension for reasons of betrayal of professional confidence, lack of good moral character and violation of general duty/negligence, among other things.

According to the MDCH’s document, Denbow, while employed by the Lansing School District at the Hill Vocational Center, “engaged in conduct to facilitate a sexual relationship with 'client A,'" a minor male to whom she provided counseling.

Specifically, the document states that in or about December 2005, Denbow picked up client A and two other students, drove to a liquor store and purchased alcohol, gave one of the students money to purchase marijuana and then rented a motel room where they all engaged in drinking, smoking marijuana, sexual contact and sexual intercourse.

“Specifically, [Denbow] performed oral sex on the minor client A, followed by sexual intercourse, while the same was occurring in the same room between the other minor students.  This was the beginning of [Denbow’s] sexual relationship with client A,” the document states.

Further, “Between January 2006 and June 2006, [Denbow] would remove client A from class and accompany him to her office.  While alone in [Denbow’s] office, [Denbow] would perform oral sex on client A, followed by intercourse.  This took place three or four times per week.”

Lastly, “During [Denbow’s] relationship with client A, [she] disclosed confidential information to client A’s peers about other students that she counseled, and sought relationship advice from client A’s close friends.

Denbow was terminated from Hill Vocational in 2009, following an internal investigation.

Source: Order of Summary Suspension in the Matter of Carrie Alice Denbow, LMSW, LBSW, License Numbers 68-01-077416 and 68-02-073441, File Number 68-08-109352, State of Michigan Department of Community Health Bureau of Health Professions Board of Social Work Disciplinary Subcommittee.


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